Goose Hunting Inc.

with Capt. Jamie C. Pinter


Eagle Lake, Texas

Saskatchewan, Canada

Eagle Lake, Texas

September through February Goose and Duck Hunts

Over the past 20 years Goose and Duck Hunting Inc. has been striving to make every hunt a memorable one. We want to have up-close decoying action, and wing shooting the way it should be. We provide the best in decoys, blinds, and ATVís to make these hunts one of the best, and one you will make yearly.

Our Goose and Duck hunts are run over 20,000 plus acres of prime land located in the Eagle Lake, Texas area. These hunts are all over natural rice, plowed ground, layed-out fields, winter wheat, and rye grass. Our duck hunts are over natural ponds and man-made water.

During all of these hunts you will be placed in the best spots available, and in fields that have had geese and ducks in them the night before. All fields and water are scouted everyday to give you the best hunting opportunity.

Price: $225 Per Gun for duck and $250 per gun for geese.

Minimum of 4 guns. Maximum of 6 guns on Duck Hunts and 8 guns on Goose Hunts.

Executive Hunts

We offer executive-style hunts where we set up and pick up the spreads for your hunt.

$350 spread placement plus per gun charge.

Deposits are 50% of hunt with a 14-day cancellation policy.

Early Teal Season Hunts, Eagle Lake Area

Start off your fall with some early season, fast-action on Blue and Green Wing Teal. These hunts are all over water, and sharpen up your swing for the big duck season. Start your September out by making a quick and easy hunt out with us to go shoot some of the fast decoying birds that are a blast to shoot.

September 11-26

Per Gun Charge $200 Minimum of 4, maximum of 6.

On all Eagle Lake Hunts we supply:

You Supply:

Map and Directions

Saskatchewan, Canada

Goose hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada Goose hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada with Captain Jamie Pinter

Come and enjoy our three to four day packages of duck and goose hunting the way we had it twenty years ago. GooseHuntingInc. travels to Saskatchewan for five weeks in late September and early October for some of the best duck and goose hunting in the world. This is some close shooting at decoying birds the way it should be.

The Sutton Lodge

Our lodge is located northwest of Saskatoon, just above a town called New Battleford. The Sutton Lodge sleeps eight and has a heated indoor pool.

The Sutton Lodge for Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada

Price packages include three to four day duck and goose hunts in the morning, and duck hunts in the afternoon. With the three-day package you get 5 hunts and 7 hunts in the 4-day package. Price includes lodging at The Sutton Lodge, located 2.5 hours of Saskatoon. We supply three meals of day and two boxes of shells per hunt.

You provide plane fair, licenses, transportation to and from the airport.


4 Day Hunts 4-8 People Per Group $3300 per Gun
Deposits are 50% of hunt, 4-week cancellation policy.
Goose Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada

Schedule of slots:

Last two weeks of September and first three weeks of October.

We hunt two groups per week only.

Map and Directions

Contact 281.844.7887 for booking.